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Alithea Genomics SA is a fast-growing provider of high-throughput RNA-seq services, kits and bioinformatics solutions. Alithea's products are ideal for large-scale RNA sequencing (transcriptomic) studies such as biomarker discovery, antibody development and drug screening. Alithea Genomics first products include the MERCURIUS BRB-Seq™ kits, which enable cost-effective, high-throughput RNA-seq library preparation from a broad range of RNA samples. Bulk RNA Barcoding followed by sequencing (BRB-seq) is Alithea's flagship technology. It is based on early barcoding followed by pooling. With BRB-seq, hundreds of RNA samples can be processed in a single tube immediately after the first reverse transcription reaction. This leads to a significant reduction in reagents and manual effort in the entire workflow. The MERCURIUS BRB-seq kits offer an optimized set of barcodes that ensure consistent and reproducible data generation from a large number of samples. In addition, the newly launched BRB-seq kits are also optimized for RNA samples from different tissue types. Aside from purified standard RNA, BRB-seq kits are also compatible with cell lysates (i.e. no RNA extraction required) and blood RNA samples (i.e. globin depletion is built into the BRB-seq workflow). In addition to applications in human medicine, BRB-seq can also be readily applied to model organisms, plants and in vitro models.

These products are useful for drug discovery, RNA sequencing (Transcriptomics) and other research areas and suited for research laboratories in academia or industry (pharma, biotech or agricultural) who are interested in analyzing many samples at once.

Through the MERCURIUS kits, researchers can perform RNA-sequencing at a price comparable to routine PCR testing. For a pharmaceutical company by example, this has great potential benefits - instead of testing the efficacy of a drug on a handful of genes, they will be able to quantify all the genes in the sample. They will then have the data which allows them to make well-informed decisions on the drug early in the pipeline - saving money and time - and bringing much-needed therapies to patients sooner.

AdipoGen Life Sciences is the worldwide Distribution Partner for the MERCURIUS BRB-seq High-Throughput RNA Sequencing Kits.

Benefits of 3’ mRNA Sequencing of Bulk RNA samples


Fast: 10x fewer manual steps / High Throughput
Cost-efficient: 10x less reagent consumption / Low Cost
Robust: Reduced technical variability by processing 96 samples as one
Accurate: PCR duplicates are removed by using unique molecular identifiers (UMI)
All-in-One: Globin depletion is integrated in the workflow at no extra steps (ALG-PN10821)

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Product Name PID Samples Documents
NEW  MERCURIUS BRB-seq Library Preparation Kit (96 samples)  ALG-PN10811-KI01 Purified RNA
Cell Lysate RNA
NEW  MERCURIUS Blood BRB-seq Library Preparation Kit (96 samples) ALG-PN10821-KI01 Purified Human Blood RNA

MERCURIUS BRB-seq Technology:

The term RNA has been used extensively in the media related to the search for a vaccine against Covid. But what exactly is RNA? It is a molecule resulting from the transcription of a gene, which allows the synthesis of a protein. This RNA can be sequenced, in particular with a view to finding an answer to certain diseases. The analysis of gene expression in biological samples is crucial for understanding the cause of complex diseases and the study of potential treatments. But this process has been in the past long, costly and laborious, delaying projects. Alithea Genomics novel technique called “Bulk RNA Barcoding followed by sequencing” (BRB-seq) is capable of preparing thousands of RNA samples for sequencing, all in a single tube, making such projects economically and practically feasible. 

Normally, each sample has to be processed individually, following a two to three day protocol to prepare it for sequencing analysis. However, by using the MERCURIUS kits, a simple enzymatic reaction to label the RNA is performed. Once that’s done, all samples are put into one test tube. From this point, all the remaining processes are performed in one tube in a single day. The MERCURIUS technology will then generate the information for each individual sample from the raw sequencing data. This method dramatically reduces the time and cost of sample preparation for sequencing.

Streamlined preparation of 3’ mRNA-seq libraries for hundreds of RNA samples in a single tube

The central aspect of our technology is the use of the BRB-seq oligos, which are synthetic DNA oligonucleotides containing:

• a polyT stretch to capture mRNA molecules
• a sample-specific barcode sequence, optimized for minimal cross-reactivity
• a unique molecular identifier (UMI) that enables digital transcript counting and PCR duplicate removal
• an Illumina adapter sequence for streamlined library preparation


The BRB-seq oligos prime the reverse transcription reaction, during which the UMI and the sample-specific barcode are integrated into the synthesized cDNA strand. The use of BRBseq oligos with different barcodes enables molecular “tagging” of individual RNA samples.

After this initial tagging step, all samples can be pooled and processed simultaneously in one single tube for the remainder of the workflow. This drastically reduces costs and manual operations of the downstream steps and, as a consequence, of the overall workflow.


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Alithea Genomics first products include the MERCURIUS BRB-Seq™ kits, which enable cost-effective, high-throughput RNA-seq library preparation from a broad range of RNA samples. Alithea's products are ideal for large-scale RNA sequencing (transcriptomic) studies such as biomarker discovery, antibody development and drug screening.

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MERCURIUS BRB-seq Library Preparation Kit

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MERCURIUS Blood BRB-seq Library Preparation Kit

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