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Synonyms KiNet-1; Affinity Probe; CTx0294885; CTx-0294885
Product Type Kit
Application Set Compound Screening
Quantity Contains 100 mg of compound.
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Declaration Manufactured by SynKinase.
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Short Term Storage +4°C
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Kinet-1 is a novel, proprietary pan-kinase binder, immobilized on Sepharose beads. The unique pan-kinase affinity of our exclusive CTx-0294885 compound at the heart of KiNet-1 allows it to bind over 200 protein kinases, greatly increasing the coverage of the expressed kinome. The rapid KiNet-1 workflow streamlines interrogation of cell signalling pathways and the identification of novel therapeutic strategies. Kinet-1 can be used as a Western blot pull-down reagent or a mass spec discovery agent. KiNet is available as a dry chemical ready for conjugating to your preferred beads / matrix.
Product References
  1. Characterization of the novel broad-spectrum kinase inhibitor CTx-0294885 as an affinity reagent for mass spectrometry-based kinome profiling: L. Zhang, et al.; J. Proteome Res. 12, 3104 (2013)
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