anti-Pyk2 (RAFTK), pAb

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Synonyms CAKB; FAK2; CADTK; PTK2B; RAFTK; FADK 2; CAK-β; EC=; Focal Adhesion Kinase 2; Cell Adhesion Kinase β; Protein-Tyrosine Kinase 2-β; Proline-rich Tyrosine Kinase 2
Product Type Polyclonal Antibody
Immunogen/Antigen Synthetic peptide.

Western Blot (1:2,000)

Crossreactivity Human
Purity Detail Affinity purification.
Formulation Liquid. HEPES with 0.15M NaCl, 0.01% BSA, 0.03% sodium azide, and 50% glycerol.
Isotype Negative Control

Rabbit IgG

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Shipping BLUE ICE
Short Term Storage +4°C
Long Term Storage -20°C
Use/Stability Stable for at least 1 year after receipt when stored at -20°C.
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Focal adhesion kinase subfamily consists of the non-receptor proline-rich protein tyrosine kinases (PTKs). Two members of the family are focal adhesion kinase (FAK) and proline-rich tyrosine kinase 2 (PYK2). These two kinases have molecular mass between 110-125 kDa and are closely related in their structure. The presence of two proline-rich motifs within the C-terminal domains is conserved. Pyk2 is expressed primarily in brain and hematopoietic cells and becomes activated in response to stimulation through numerous receptors, including integrins, chemokine receptors, and antigen receptors. It is also expressed in both in bone-forming osteoblasts and bone-resorbing osteoclasts, and thought to have positive role in osteoblast maturation and bone resorption.Phosphorylation of Pyk2 leads to the recruitment of Src family kinases and the activation of Erks. Pyk2 also interacts with and phosphorylates the focal adhesion-related protein, paxillin, and other cytoskeletal proteins, suggesting its pivotal role in various cellular events. Involved in calcium induced regulation of ion channel and activation of the map kinase signaling pathway. May represent an important signaling intermediate between neuropeptide activated receptors or neurotransmitters that increase calcium flux and the downstream signals that regulate neuronal activity. Interacts with the SH2 domain of Grb2. May phosphorylate the voltage-gated potassium channel protein Kv1.2. Its activation is highly correlated with the stimulation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase activity. Involved in osmotic stress-dependent SNCA 'Tyr-125' phosphorylation.

Product References

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