anti-Erk1/2 (Phospho-Thr202/Tyr204), pAb

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Synonyms Phospho-ERK1; Phospho-ERT2; Phospho-ERK-1; Phospho-MAPK3; Phospho-p44-ERK1; Phospho-p44-MAPK; Phospho-MAP Kinase 1; 2; 3; EC=; Phospho-MAP Kinase Isoform p44; p42; Phospho-ERK2; Phospho-ERT1; Phospho-ERK-2; Phospho-MAPK1; Phospho-MAPK 1; 2; 3; Ph
Product Type Polyclonal Antibody
Immunogen/Antigen Synthetic phospho-peptide.

Western Blot (1:2,000)
ELISA & Immunoprecipitation not tested.

Crossreactivity Human
Purity Detail Protein A purified.
Formulation Liquid. HEPES with 0.15M NaCl, 0.01% BSA, 0.03% sodium azide, and 50% glycerol.
Isotype Negative Control

Rabbit IgG

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Shipping BLUE ICE
Short Term Storage +4°C
Long Term Storage -20°C
Use/Stability Stable for at least 1 year after receipt when stored at -20°C.
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ERK1 and ERK2 are widely expressed and are involved in the regulation of meiosis, mitosis, and postmitotic functions in differentiated cells. Many different stimuli, including growth factors, cytokines, virus infection, ligands for heterotrimeric guanine nucleotidebinding protein (G protein)-coupled receptors and transforming agents, activate the ERK1 and ERK2 pathways. When growth factors bind to the receptor tyrosine kinase, Ras interacts with Raf, the serine/threonine protein kinase and activates it as well. Once actived, Raf phosphorylates serine residue in 2 further kinases, MEK1/2, which in turn phosphorylates tyrosine/threonine in extracellular-signal regulated kinase(ERK) 1/2. Upon activation, the ERKs either phosphorylate a number of cytoplasmic targets or migrate to the nucleus, where they phosphorylate and activate a number of transcription factors such as c-Fos and Elk-1. Involved in both the initiation and regulation of meiosis, mitosis, and postmitotic functions in differentiated cells by phosphorylating a number of transcription factors such as ELK-1. Phosphorylates EIF4EBP1; required for initiation of translation. Phosphorylates microtubule-associated protein 2 (MAP2). Phosphorylates SPZ1. Phosphorylates heat shock factor protein 4 (HSF4).

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