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AdipoGen Life Sciences offers services for Proteins, Antibodies, ELISAs and Biochemicals development and production to Academia, Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries.

Custom Protein & Enzyme Services Custom Services Flyer

• Protein & Enzymes Development
• Cell-Suspension Protein Production
• Protein Labeling
• Protein Validation Service
• Clinical Grade Proteins

Specialty Knowhow:  Our in-house Multimeric Protein Technology and Know-how allows the development of Recombinant Proteins and Cytokines with enhanced biological activity.

Custom Antibody Services 

• Antibody Development
• Hybridoma Antibody Production

   - In vitro production of monoclonal antibodies (in roller bottles or flasks)
   - Purification of monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies using affinity chromatography
   - Lyophilization

• Recombinant Antibody Development
• Recombinant Antibody Conversion
Antibody Labeling: Labeling of  polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies with the following molecules: 

   - ATTO-fluorescent dyes (different wavelength) (488, 590, 647 and others)
   - FITC 
   - Biotin 
   - HRP

• Antibody Validation Service

Specialty Knowhow:  
An in-licensed and continuously updated Phage Display Library allows the development of Recombinant Antibodies for research, pre-clinical and therapeutic applications.

Custom Assay & ELISA Kit Services 

• Assay Development
• Development of FRET-Assays
• Biomarker Testing Service
• Assay Validation Service

Specialty Knowhow:  Based on a strong ELISA Kit quality management system, our expert scientists are able to process the development of assays from antibody matched pair screening, through assay development and optimization to a complete and final assay, to support your need, from basic discovery research to preclinical and clinical research.

Custom Chemistry Services 

• Synthesis of Small Molecules
• Synthesis of Specialty Chemicals
• Chemical Sourcing Service
• Chemical Analysis Service


Inflammasome Service

Additionally, we offer also a new "Inflammasome Activity Test" service. You can contact us with your requirements by email (see corresponding email-addresses below).



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