Product Sources of Adipogen Life Sciences

AdipoGen Life Sciences attempts to offer our customers research reagents of highest quality at affordable prices. We produce our own kits, antibodies, proteins and small molecules (biochemicals). In addition we source excellent reagents through close collaborations with expert advisors, research institutes and academic laboratories. Our dedicated scientific team searches daily through scientific publications and attends major conferences to identify and translate new ideas and opportunities into innovative and exciting research reagents. We focus our efforts on specific areas of the life sciences market arround Inflammation & Immune Response. These scientific areas include inflammasomes, innate immunity, B & T cells immune regulation, neuroinflammation, obesity, immuno-oncology and COVID-19 research. 

If you have developed and produced excellent reagents or if you have an interesting product idea, we would be interested to discuss such opportunities with you. Maybe we can market and distribute your products or we can collaborate in developing new products to the benefit of both of us.

Contact us through and tell us about your products or/and needs.

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