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August 29, 2018

NAICONS and AdipoGen Life Sciences Partner on Commercializing NAICONS’ Rare Antibiotics and Natural Products on the Research Market

NAICONS Srl and Adipogen Life Sciences, Inc (AdipoGen) announced today that they entered into an international commercialization agreement in the field of natural products and rare antibiotics for use in the research market.

AdipoGen ( is a manufacturer and international distributor of innovative life sciences research reagents based in the U.S. and Switzerland.

NAICONS Srl is a biotechnological company based in Milan, Italy, focusing on discovery and development of bioactive natural products, particularly novel anti-infective agents. NAICONS’ unique discovery engine is based on its proprietary Strain Library of approximately 45,000 actinomycetes and the multi-disciplinary expertise of a small team of scientists who have filed several patent applications, out-licensed two products and published their research results in peer-reviewed international journals. Based on its know-how in the field of natural products from microorganisms NAICONS also offers specialized services in chemistry and microbiology.

Sonia Maffioli, Director Chemistry at NAICONS, and Alessandro Traina, VP of Marketing at AdipoGen called the deal a strategic collaboration which offers NAICONS the opportunity to share its unique product portfolio of natural products on the international market providing new tools to support life science research worldwide. "We discovered several structural unique microbial products that are likely to act in unprecedented ways. By making them available to the scientific community through AdipoGen, we increase the probability that some of our products will eventually reach the market for a variety of applications" said Maffioli.

August 27, 2018

AdipoGen Life Sciences and Suzhou Bright Scistar Biotechnology (BSBIO) Partner on Commercializing BSBIO’s Human ELISA Kits and Validated Monoclonal Antibodies

Adipogen Life Sciences, Inc. (AdipoGen) announced today that it entered into a R&D and Marketing agreement with Suzhou Bright Scistar Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (BSBIO) to commercialize internationally BSBIO’s proprietary human ELISA Kits and validated monoclonal antibodies in the research fields of cancer and immune checkpoint proteins. In addition the companies will co-develop key biologicals with therapeutic and diagnostic potential.

AdipoGen ( is a manufacturer and international distributor of innovative life science research reagents and of GMP-grade proteins (enhanced cytokines) based in the U.S. and Switzerland. BSBIO is based in Suzhou, China and works closely with the Soochow University Medical and Biological Technology Institute and Jiangsu Clinical Immunology Institute. BSBIO’s 20 researchers continue to develop clinically relevant human ELISA Kits and validated monoclonal antibodies to accelerate the advancement of research in immunology and immunotherapy.

Xueguang Zhang, Chairman and Chief Scientist of BSBIO called the deal a very strategic collaboration which offers BSBIO more exposure in the Chinese market and more access to the international market. Combining the R&D efforts of AdipoGen and BSBIO will provide economical, innovative and state of the art tools supporting life science research, worldwide.

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