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Asc Antibody (AL177) Blocking Peptide

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AG-37B-0001-C100100 µgCHF 190.00
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Product Type Protein
Source/Host Synthetic

To use the blocking peptide, the following procedure is recommended:

Step 1: Mix 1μg/ml of the anti-Asc, pAb (AL177) (Prod. No. AG-25B-0006) and 10μg/ml of the blocking peptide together in the final desired volume (e.g. 5ml or 10ml for a western blotting).

Step 2: Incubate for 30min at room temperature with occasional mixing.

Step 3: Apply the antibody/peptide mixture (from step 1) to the membrane to perform the western blotting as usual.

Purity ≥95% (HPLC)
Concentration 1mg/ml
Formulation Liquid. In sterile water.
Shipping and Handling
Shipping BLUE ICE
Short Term Storage +4°C
Long Term Storage -20°C
Handling Advice After opening, prepare aliquots and store at -20°C.
Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
Use/Stability Stable for at least 1 year after receipt when stored at -20°C.
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Blocking Peptide for anti-Asc, pAb (AL177). This vial contains 100µg peptide in 100µl sterile water. The Asc Antibody (AL177) Blocking Peptide can be used in conjunction with several variants of the anti-Asc pAb (AL177) (Prod. No. AG-25B-0006) to block protein-antibody complex formation.

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