Zilpaterol hydrochloride

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Synonyms (6RS,7RS)-4,5,6,7-Tetrahydro-7-hydroxy-6-[(1-methylethyl) amino]imidazo[ 4,5,1-jk][1]benzazepin-2(1H)-one hydrochloride; Zilmax
Product Type Chemical
Formula C14H19N3O2 . HCl
MW 297.78
CAS 119520-06-8
Purity Chemicals ≥97% (HPLC)
Appearance White to off-white powder.
Solubility Soluble in water. Slightly soluble in methanol.
Identity Determined by NMR.
Declaration Manufactured by Chemodex.
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Smiles O=C1NC2=C(N1CCC(NC(C)C)C3O)C3=CC=C2.[H]Cl
Shipping and Handling
Shipping AMBIENT
Short Term Storage +4°C
Long Term Storage -20°C
Handling Advice Keep cool and dry.
Protect from light and moisture.
Use/Stability Stable for at least 2 years after receipt when stored at -20°C.
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Synthetic β2-adrenoreceptor agonist that binds with the muscle β-adrenoreceptors, leading to the activation of protein kinase A, an enzyme responsible for changes in protein synthesis and degradation, in particular in skeletal muscles. Due to its partial activity towards β1-adrenoreceptors, has also the potential to affect cardiac muscle. In consequence, application of zilpaterol leads to preferential induction of fast glycolytic fibre types over slow oxidative fibre types resulting in enhanced growth efficiency and carcass leanness. Used as a veterinary drug in cattle to enhance growth performance in several countries.

Product References

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