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Ancell Corporation manufactures and supplies monoclonal antibodies, recombinant fusion proteins, isotype controls and second step reagents for immunology research. Because of the high performance characteristics and quality and their expertise, Ancell‘s antibodies and proteins are widely recognised reagents and are used and cited in many scientific publications.

Ancell offers a comprehensive range of human CD antibodies. They are purified and conjugated under optimized conditions and rigorously tested in cell lines and human samples. Most of the antibodies are developed and variously labelled to perform in multiple applications, including flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence. Several antibodies have functional applications (antagonistic antibodies). Ancell also offers a broad range of labelled and unlabelled biologically active recombinant fusion proteins (FC) that are complementary to their CD marker antibody panel.

CD markers are an extremely diverse series of leukocyte surface proteins, used as cell markers, and found in various immune cell populations like B cells, thymocytes and T cells. CD proteins serve as receptors and ligands, and regulate cell signalling, cell adhesion and adaptive immunity. CD molecules are utilized in cell sorting techniques and cell populations are usually defined as either positive or negative, to indicate whether or not the cell fraction expresses a particular CD molecule. High-quality monoclonal antibodies against the CD markers allow researchers to easily examine cellular signalling events in complex cell populations and are commonly used for immunology, cancer and stem cell biology research.

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Selected High Quality Antibodies from Ancell Corporation

Product Name PID Isotype/Source Species
anti-CD4 (human), mAb (QS4120) ANC-147-020 Mouse IgG1κ Human ELISA, FACS, FUNC (Blocking)
anti-CD4 (human), mAb (M-T441) ANC-148-020 Mouse IgG2b Human, Baboon ELISA, FACS
anti-CD8 (human), mAb (UCHT4) ANC-153-020 Mouse IgG2a Human ELISA, FACS, ICC, WB
anti-CD16 (human), mAb (3G8) ANC-165-020 Mouse IgG1 Human FACS, FUNC (Blocking)
anti-CD28 (human), mAb (ANC28.1/5D10) ANC-177-020 Mouse IgG1κ Human ELISA, FACS, FUNC (Stimulation)
anti-CD64 (human), mAb (10.1) ANC-216-020 Mouse IgG1 Human, Primate, Dog FACS, FUNC (Blocking), WB
anti-CD147 (human), mAb (UM-8D6) ANC-376-020 Mouse IgG1; Human FACS, FUNC, IP, WB
anti-CD152 [CTLA-4] (hu), mAb (ANC152.2) ANC-359-020 Mouse IgG1κ Human, Cat, Cow, Dog, Pig ELISA, FACS, FUNC (Blocking)
anti-CD154 [CD40L] (human), mAb (24-31) ANC-353-020 Mouse IgG1; Human, Primate ELISA, FACS, FUNC (Blocking), IHC, WB
anti-CD252 [CD134L; OX40L] (human), mAb (ANC10G1) ANC-400-020 Mouse IgG1κ Human ELISA, FACS, FUNC (Blocking)
anti-Perforin (human), mAb (δG9) ANC-358-020 Mouse IgG2bκ Human, Primate FACS, IHC

The Monoclonal Antibodies are available with various fluorescent labels and as a preservative free form!

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