Vector® TrueVIEW™ Autofluorescence Quenching Kit

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Product Type Kit
Application Set Compound Screening
Crossreactivity All
Kit Contains

Vector® TrueVIEW™ Reagent A, 5 ml
Vector® TrueVIEW™ Reagent B, 5 ml
Vector® TrueVIEW™ Reagent C, 5 ml
VECTASHIELD® HardSet™ Antifade Mounting Medium, 2 ml
One kit is sufficient to treat approximately 100 to 150 tissue sections.

Other Product Data

The Vector® TrueVIEW™ Autofluorescence Quenching Kit provides a novel way to diminish unwanted autofluorescence from non-lipofuscin sources and dramatically improve signal-to-noise ratio. The quenching action of the kit reagents provides a clear, unambiguous, "true view" localization of the target antigen. Current methods for reducing autofluorescence primarily include "home brew" concoctions such as sodium borohydride and other ink-based products. These methods are essentially ineffective against aldehyde induced autofluorescence. In contrast, Vector® TrueVIEW™ reagent binds to hydrophilic compounds and effectively quenches endogenous autofluorescence. Tissue autofluorescence often occurs with aldehyde fixation or from inherent native tissue components (collagen, elastin, and red blood cells). The extent and intensity of autofluorescence background frequently makes it difficult or impossible to distinguish specific signals in immunofluorescence applications. Most methods for reduction of tissue autofluorescence act primarily on lipofuscin granules, and are not broadly effective against the most common sources of autofluorescence targeted by Vector® TrueVIEW™ Quencher.

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Autofluorescence quenching kit.

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