Adipogen AG - the Official Distributor in Switzerland for:

Ancell Logo

The Source for High Quality Immunology Research Reagents

Bioacts Logo

The Source for High Sensitive Fluorescent Dyes & Probes

BioViotica Logo

The Source for Rare Active Natural Products

Cayman Catalog Logo

The Source for EIA Kits, Eicosanoids, Molecular Biology and Nitric Oxide & Signal Transduction Products


Labels, Stains and Molecular Probes

Chimerigen Logo

The Source for High Quality Fusion Proteins

Innaxon Logo

The Source for Ultrapure TLR4 and TLR9 Reagents

JaiCA Logo

The Source for Unique Oxidative Stress Markers

ReZolve Scientific Logo

Unique Fluorophores for Targeted Insights

SouthBayBio Logo

Platform Technology Company specialized in Bioassays, Enzymes and Advanced TR-FRET Technology

SYNkinase Logo

The Source for High Quality Small Molecule Kinase Inhibitors

Vector Laboratories Logo

Developing innovative labeling and detection systems for biological and medical science

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