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Product Type Chemical


MW 528.7
CAS 157618-75-2
Source/Host Chemicals Isolated from Verticillium sp.
Purity Chemicals ≥95% (HPLC)
Appearance Off-white solid.
Solubility Soluble in DMSO, ethanol or methanol.
Shipping and Handling
Shipping AMBIENT
Short Term Storage +4°C
Long Term Storage -20°C
Handling Advice Keep cool and dry.
Use/Stability Stable for at least 3 years after receipt when stored at -20°C.
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  • Phytotoxin [1-3, 5].
  • Derivative of HDAC inhibitor chlamydocin [1-3, 5]
  • Similar chemical structure to the TAN-1746 compounds (potent HDAC inhibitors) [4].
Product References
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