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Powerful Effector of TetR & revTetR Systems
Anhydrotetracycline . HCl

Unique Tubulin-Modification Specific Antibody
anti-Tubulin (glycylated), pAb (Gly-pep1)

Detection of a New Fasting-induced Protein
Asprosin (human) Matched Pair Detection Set

HRP Substrate for Tyramide Signal Amplification
Biotinyl tyramide

Potent Mitochondria-dependent Apoptosis Inducer

Potent Notch Ligand with Enhanced Activity 
DLL4 (human):Fc (human) (rec.) (highly active mutant)

Tumor-specific Pyruvate Kinase M2 Inhibitor 

UNIQUE - Detects Monomeric & Dimeric IL-37 
IL-37 (human) ELISA Kit

Potent & Irreversible 20S Proteasome Inhibitor
Salinosporamide A

DYRK1 Inhibitors 
AnnH31 / AnnH75

New Postsynaptic Activity & Plasticity Marker
anti-PSD-95 (palmitoylated), mAb (rec.) (PF11)

High Activity OX40L Multimer Construct
Fc (human):OX40L, Soluble (human) (rec.)

Biologically Active TIM-3 Ligand 
Galectin-9 (human):Fc (human) (rec.)

Potent Mitochondrial Complex II Inhibitor 
Atpenin A5

NEW Potent CD137L Fusion Protein 
Fc (human):CD137L, Soluble (human) (rec.)

Rare Antitumor Antibiotic - Available from Stock! 

NEW Fasting-induced Protein Hormone 
Asprosin (human) (rec.) (His)

Unique Antibody to Deplete B Cells In Vivo 
anti-BAFF (mouse), mAb (blocking) (Sandy-2)

Potent & Selective Gαq Family Inhibitor 

Alzheimer Inducing Agent 

IL-36γ - Proinflammatory Cytokine 
anti-IL-36γ (human), mAb (Jussy-1)

NEW Factor in Inflammatory Bowel Disease 

Inhibitor of CDK5/p25 and GSK-3β 

CK2 Inhibitor & Thermogenesis Inducer 
CX-4945 . hydrochloride

Specific Biomarker for Psoriasis 
IL-36γ (human) ELISA Kit

NEW Immune Checkpoint Receptor 
CD112R (mouse):Fc (human) (rec.)

Potent pan-Akt (1/2/3) Inhibitor 

NEW Anticancer Compound 
Jak/Src Inhibitor 1 . hydrochloride

Potential Virulence Factor 
(-)-Mitorubrinic acid

Potent Inhibitor of mPGES-1

NEW Cinnamtannin B-1, Higher Purity >96% HPLC 
Cinnamtannin B-1

Potent Water Soluble JAK1 & JAK2 Inhibitor 
Ruxolitinib . phosphate salt

Biomarker for Airway Inflammation 
anti-Periostin, mAb (Stiny-1)

Lead Compound for DYRK1A Inhibitor Development 

Significant Marker for Malignancy 
Fibronectin (EDA), mAb (blocking) (IST-9) (preserv. free)

Newly Released Protein – BULK Available 
IL-38 (aa 20-152) (human) (rec.) (His)

Potent & Selective 11β-HSD1 Inhibitor 

Cell Death Inducer in Colorectal Cancer 
Lewisy/b hapten (human), mAb (SC104) (preservative free)

Nampt/Visfatin Inhibitor – BULK Available 

Cell Permeable, Potent & Selective FABP4 Inhibitor 

Endogenous Human ST2 Detection by FACS 
anti-ST2 (human), pAbs

New Potent Leptin Sensitizer 
Withaferin A

Innate Immune Sensor of Influenza A Virus 
anti-ZBP1, mAb (Zippy-1)

Tingling-inducing Agent - BULK Available 

New Activator of NLRP3  

Newly Described NLRP3 Inhibitor 
Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2)

Regulator of Adipose Tissue Thermogenesis 
Slit2 (C fragment) (human) (rec.)

Highly Active IL-33 Mutant Protein 
IL-33 (oxidation resistant) (human) (rec.) (His)

Potent and Selective PDE10A Inhibitor 

Potent Activators of TRPV3 
Incensol, Incensol acetate & Serratol

NEW Toll-Like Receptor Family Antibodies 
TLR2 - TLR10 Monoclonal Antibodies

Unique mouse LRP5/6 mAb for FACS 
anti-LRP5/6, mAb (rec.) (Heldy-1-4)

Potent & Selective GAPDH Inhibitor 
Heptelidic acid

Potent, Selective & Competitive Cell Permeable Rasfarnesyltransferase Inhibitor 
Manumycin A & related Products

Agonistic LTβR Monoclonal Antibodies 
anti-LTβR (mouse), mAbs - Clones 3C8 & 4H8WH2

Potent BTLA-blocking Antibody - Available again! 
anti-BTLA (human), mAb (6F4)

AhR Agonist - Increases ILC3 in Gut Microbiota 

Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) Activator 

TRAIL-Rs – Important Cancer Regulators 
IHC and FACS competent TRAIL-Rs antibodies

Apaf-1 – Key Apoptosome Complex Factor 
Validated and specific Apaf-1 antibodies

Specific β-cell Proliferation Promoter 
GW311616A . hydrochloride

NEW Natural Anticancer Compounds 
Fridamycin A, B & Violacein

New Marker for Cardiology 
Nampt (Visfatin/PBEF) ELISA Kits

Unique Collagen Matrix Markers for ICC 
anti-Collagen Type 1 (3/4 fragment), pAbs

Inhibitor of FtsZ GTPase Activity 

Actin Polymerization Inhibitors in vitro and in vivo 
Latrunculin A+B

Selective Protease Inhibitors - BULK Available
Leupeptin, Pepstatin, Amastatin, Antipain...

A Multifunctional Adipokine Biomarker 
Nampt (Visfatin/PBEF) ELISA Kits

Exercise-induced Myokine Detection 
Irisin Competitive ELISA Kit

Potent LIM Kinase Inhibitor

Essential Axon Survival Factor – BULK available
NMNAT2 (human) (rec.) (His)

Orally Bioavailable Potent Inhibitor of JAK1 and JAK2

Specific SREBP Inhibitor - BULK available

Highly Active Untagged Proteins
IL-36α, IL-36β, IL-36γ, IL-36Ra

Rapid Apoptosis Inducer

Ionophore Antibiotics
Enniatins A/A1/B/B1

Potent Inhibitor of Human 5-lipoxygenase
Myxochelin A

For Enzymatic Assays & Inhibitor Screenings
IDO1 (human) Enzyme+Inhibitor Set

Potent Triazole IDO1 Inhibitor

Inhibitor of PVR/CD155 Ligand
TIGIT (human):Fc (human)

New Negative Checkpoint Regulator
VISTA [B7-H5]: Fc Proteins

High Sensitive Asthma Biomarker Detection Kit
Periostin (human) ELISA Kit

Now Available - Produced in CHO Cells
Periostin (human) (rec.)

Potent Cell Permeable JAK3 Inhibitor

Potent Na+/K+-ATPase Inhibitor

TurboELISA™ Kit - Results in less than 1 hour
Zinc-α-2-glycoprotein (human) TurboELISA Kit

Potent F-actin Modulators
Cucurbitacins B & E

Progranulin - Bulk Available
Recombinant human, mouse or rat Progranulin

Potent and Highly Selective BTK Inhibitor

Inflammasome Inhibitor for In Vivo Studies
MCC950 . sodium salt - BULK available

Unique - Produced in Mammalian Cells
Resistin (human) (rec.)

Highly Active IDO1 Enzyme for Inhibitor Screenings
IDO (human) (rec.) (His)

New UCP1-dependent Thermogenesis Inducer
CK2 Inhibitor 10

Biologically Active Cytokines
Human & Mouse IL-35

New Potent HDAC6 Inhibitors
Nexturastat B, Tubastatin A ...

Selective cell permeable MALT1 Inhibitor

Potent δ-Opioid Receptor Agonist - Bulk Available

New Biomarker for Plasma Triglyceride Levels
anti-Betatrophin (human), pAb (IN108)

New Specific IL-38 Monoclonal Antibody
anti-IL-38, mAb (Nhat-1)

Unique Antibody for Metabolic Research
anti-MPC-2, mAb (JCM-1)

Antibiotic & Anti-inflammatory Natural Products

Tumor Suppressor & Anti-Inflammatory Protein - Bulk Available
CD137L, Soluble (mouse) (rec.)

Important Metabolism and Energy Regulator
Propionyl-L-carnitine . hydrochloride

Available Again - Also Bulk Quantity
BTLA (human), mAb (6F4)

Frequently cited Standard Apoptosis mAbs
anti-FLIP & anti-Caspase-8

Potent CDK1 / Cyclin B Inhibitor - Bulk Available

GPVI Receptor Agonist for Platelet Receptor Studies

Functional Antibodies for in vivo Studies
anti-LTβR (mouse), mAbs

Potent and Selective CSF-1R Inhibitor

New Skin Inflammation Antibodies
IL-36β (human)

Adipocyte Differentiation Inducer
IL-33 (mouse), mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Bondy-1-1)

Potent iNKT Stimulators
α-Galactosylceramide & Analogs

Potent & Fast Acting Antibiotic
Puromycin . dihydrochloride

New Inflammation Detection Set
IL-38 (human) Matched Pair Detection Set

New Skin Inflammation Detection Set
IL-36β (human) Matched Pair Detection Set

Potent Anti-inflammatory & Antidiabetic Agents
Amorfrutin A & B

Potent Multimeric TNF-α Proteins
High Activity TNF-α Proteins

Specific Antiviral Signaling Antibodies
NS3, NS5B, GPx8 Specific Antibodies

Potent Anti-Malaria Compound - BULK available

Natural Inflammasome Inhibitors

Netrin-1 BULK Available
Biological Active Netrin-1 Proteins

Ectodomain Shedding Protease Blocking Antibody
anti-ADAM17 (human), mAb (rec.) (blocking) (D1(A12))

Anti-Diabetic & NLRP3 Inflammasome Inhibitor

Anti-Obesity Agent & Potent Leptin Sensitizer

Biologically Active DLL4 Notch Ligand
DLL4 (human):Fc (human) (rec.)

Biologically Active DLK1 Notch Ligand
DLK1 (human):Fc (human) (rec.)

Novel Inhibitor of Aurora A Kinase
Tripolin B

Anticancer and Trypanocidal Compound

Specific Anti-Obesity Adipokine ZAG Detection
Zinc-α-2-glycoprotein (human) Matched Pair Detection Set

A Novel Hormone Regulating Metabolism
CTHRC1 (mouse) (rec.)

Potent and Selective NLRP3 Inflammasome Inhibitor
MCC950 . sodium salt

Potent Neurotoxin Available from Stock

Standard FLIP Antibodies for Cell Death Research
anti-FLIP (human), mAb (NF6)
anti-FLIP, mAb (Dave-2)

Potent PD-1 & PDL-2 Immune Checkpoint Proteins
Human & Mouse Fc-Fusion Proteins – BULK Available

NF-kB p65 Suppressor

Cell Permeable MKLP-2 Inhibitor

New Potent Mitochondria-Derived AMPK Activator

Potent Apoptosis Inducing Fas Antibody
anti-Fas (human), mAb (APO-1-3) (preservative free)

HIGH PURITY Thapsigargin - BULK available
Thapsigargin (high purity)

Novel Type of RNA Guanylyltransferase Inhibitor
Mycophenolic acid

C15 - Standard Human-specific Caspase-8 Antibody
anti-Caspase-8 (human) mAb (C15)

Potent B7-H4 Immune Checkpoint Proteins
Mouse Fc-Fusion Proteins – BULK Available

Potent Inducer of Actin Polymerization

Potent Immunosuppressant

Immune Checkpoint Protein Flyer
Broad Panel of Proteins for In Vivo Studies

Potent CTLA-4 Immune Checkpoint Proteins
Human & Mouse Fc-Fusion Proteins – BULK Available

Photosensitizing Anticancer Agent

Cell Permeable Microtubule Inhibitor

IL-36 – New Tools for Skin & Dendritic Cell Research
Antibodies, Proteins & Detection Sets

Unique Epidermal Skin Markers
Cornulin, Repetin, SPRR2, SPRR3 Antibodies

Anticoccidial Antibiotic

Potent Anti-Tuberculosis Antibiotic
Actinomycin X2

Active Adipogenesis Inhibitor
Jagged-1 (mouse):Fc (human) (rec.)

Novel Cold-Induced Adipokine
Neuregulin-4 (human) (rec.)

Live Imaging Acidotropic Fluorescent Dye

Selective Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) Inhibitor

GPx8 - Cellular Substrate of HCV NS3-4A Protease
GPx8 (human), pAb (IN103)

Potent Inhibitor of Actin Polymerization
Cytochalasin H

Unique Anaphase Promoting Complex Inhibitor

Potent mouse Angiopoietin-2 Blocking Antibody
Angiopoietin-2, mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Angy-2-1)

Sterile TLR4 Agonist Array
MPLA | Kdo2 | Lipid A | LPS

PI3K Class I, MKK3/6 & MKK4 Inhibitor

Mitochondrial Respiration Inhibitor

NLRC3 - Negative Regulator of Innate Immunity
NLRC3 (mouse), mAb (Eowyn-1)

Non-cytotoxic Melanogenesis Inhibitor
Aspochalasin I

Hypersensitive Autoimmune Disease Biomarker
BAFF (human) ELISA Kit (hypersensitive)

BULK - Now Available from Stock!
Pellitorine & Indolactam V

Fungal Anticancer Compounds from BioViotica
Cephalochromin & Trypacidin

Unique mAPRIL Blocking Antibody
APRIL (mouse), mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Apry-1-3)

Standard Apoptosis Antibodies
Apaf-1 | BimL | Bmf | Caspase-2/-8/-12

Pan-PI3K Inhibitor

Inhibitor of Isocitrate Lyase in Bacteria
Itaconic acid

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